Toni B.
Member N° 000157
From United Kingdom
When I started road-racing in the early 1980's, my fellow team member (Gary Ford) rode a white Gios Torino, which I thought (and still do) that it is one of the best looking bikes ever. I bought my Cinqi' new for my 40th Birhday in 2000 and have raced it for the last 10 years, and now having given up 'racing' I'm riding it just for pleasure. Unfortunately, the Gios blue paint was peeling badly off the rear top tube and seat stays, so it has been resprayed in white/silver. I had intended to just paint it white with black Gios logo's, but I could only get the original white logo's (shame). However, the white is gorgeous and shows off the impeccably clean tube joins. It still rides like a dream, looks great and gets admiring glances and questions. Alfredo, pleeeeease bring back the white Torino - classical frame layout (no slopey stuff!) with silver finish carbon accessories, who knows, I might even take up racing again!

Frame No. C492
Purchased: 2000
54 cm , Gios Blue Cinquantanario with Campagnolo Chorus Groupset , ITM Millenium and Mavic Cosmic wheelset.

Resprayed in White / Silver with original Gios logo set. Campagnolo Record / Chorus mix and running on handbuilt Records with anodised SUP's