Neal S.
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From United States
After retiring my '75 Colnago Super and through a tragic twist of fate I was able to obtain a new frame (Compact Pro) although already 6 years old that was unfortunately not built due to the owners death. I managed to contact the widow (who being deaf added a little more sadness to the situation) and purchase the frame without fork at a more than reasonable price. I now have to determine if this steel frame gets vintage parts, or if I deck it out with the best of the new components out there. Personally, I like a more vintage look without the carbon stuff, but who knows what the future will bring. Any ideas, bring them on! Still looking for an original fork over a non-Gios replacement. Thanks, Neal

Frame is a Compact Pro, year 2011. Purchased new in 2017 w/o fork. Serial #1108311. 57 cm per factory stamp on BB shell. Never built -out as yet; waiting to find an original fork.