Keith K.
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From United States
I have always wanted a Gios Super Record. It is, in my opinion, the epitome of a classic Italian racer. When my Trek was damaged when I was racing, and needed re-painting, I re-painted it in the Gios classic blue scheme with my hand painted white panels, and Italian color accent scheme. I could only afford the Trek, and not the Gios. Now, after so much time, I found the Gios Super Record that I could afford. It has Shimano parts mostly, which I will replace with Campagnolo Super Record parts soon. I will post pictures of the before, and after bringing it up to full Italian componentry. A Gios Super Record frame deserves all Campagnolo parts. And, this sweet vintage frame should have Super Record parts! I am very happy to find this frame in such great condition, and with the coins in the gorgeous flat fork crown!

Classic, and original Gios blue paint, unique Gios seat stay caps, unique Gios drilled ear dropouts, flat fork crown with original Gios coins, Gios bottom bracket with "57" stamped. Did the Super Record have serial numbers stamped on the bottom bracket?