John W.
Member N° 000307
From Portugal
Retired in Portugal and have taken up cycling again after a 20 year lay off. I have been using a mountain bike for the last 3 months as advised by locals but still yearned for a proper road bike.

I saw this beautiful bike for sale in the local Bike Shop and bought it instantly. I have now had it for 10 days and have completed 300KM on it.

The serial number is: 01081

Frame size 53cm/53cm

It is equiped with full Simano Dura Ace group set, carbon seat post and stem and Gois Sele Trans Am Titanium saddle.

The wheels are Shimano WR 500.

The dropouts were set to the foreward position when I got the bike but found that although it was very quick and resonsive it could be a little twitchy down hill at speed.

I have adjusted the drop outs to the rear position and find that the ride is now unbelievably good and the bike is very stable down hill.

I am really delighted with my new friend and would like to find out more about the history of it if possible