Jacques K.
Member N° 000709
From Netherlands
It was in the 90's, in the French Alps where I saw the first GIOS ever. This simple strong shining dark blue with that bold white brand, it stole my heart. My decision was made: once, I will ride my Gios! 2001, I celebrated my 50th birthday with the brand new Cinquantario with a Campagnolo group. Today, my Gios and I made a lot of trips in Europe. Going to the max was in 2013, during the Alpe d'HuZes where my Gios & I finished after 6 climbs on June 6. It took 15 hours in total with no problems with my Gios at all. The next day, we went out of a ride of one hour. I want to thank mr Alfredo Gios for the enormous pleasure he gave me with my Gios!