Huub V.
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From Netherlands
My cycling friend had a old GIOS and kept telling me what a great bike it was. In 1994 I could buy a used Compact Pro. I fell in love and never rode a different make. I use both bikes mainly for long fast touring trips, but the Pro was also used in local races. I love the way it steers in tight curves on bad pavement. Now my wife doesn't allow me to race anymore and I ride with a touring club. Although we still often check who is the fastest! After years I decided one bike is enough and I gave my Compact Pro to my daughter.

Frame No C1003 equipped with Campagnola Centaur 10 speed group and Ambrosio rims. Since the day the Cinquantenario was introduced I knew I had to have one. The most beautiful GIOS ever produced!

Only the frame No 40329 is this young. The bike is originally from 1990 (frame No 901054) and had a major overhaul in 1999 when a Campagnolo Veloce 9 speed group was mounted. The Ambiosio rims were mounted in 2004. I use this bike to train during the winter. After a crash in 2007 the frame had to be replaced. On the picture the bike in 2004 "en route" to Santiago de Compostella.