Hugo v.
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From Netherlands
A few years ago I saw a Gios. Suddenly some things came together: when I was young I saw a beautiful blue bike, later I learned it had to be a Gios. Being too young to want one, the data stays somewhere in your head. After several years, this comes back and then: it hits you! That is why I now have several Gios bikes, frames and parts. Different colors, different years.
Other Gios bikes, frames & parts (and other projects) on:

The Compact has been build with Campagnolo gruppo & Vento wheels. For the classic Gios-look I used a pantographed stem for the 1" steerer and fork.
It rides like a Gios should: simply the best!

My daily ride for half the year, the other half of the year my son rides this Gios Lite. Bought this frame from a well known Gios fan and build it up with Chorus parts. According to my son: a very nice bike!
According to me: a Gios, so it is good!