Doug M.
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From United States
This bike (GIOS Professional) was and always will be part of my life as well as Racing thru the Cat 4 to 2 (USCF) I build this from scratch from foam box it came in to Shimano SIS Parts (Off my old Gitane Sprint bike which I got hit by a truck, totaled bike) I rebuilding the bike to all Campy parts, this bike went thru all four seasons (All year round) 100's and 100's of miles in snow/rain/summer etc. I can still put more miles on my GIOS.

GIOS Professional Bought it around 84-85, frame came in foam case w/hat, forks etc. Columbus Frame. White/Silver forks. Campy Record Group Set. Wheels - Mavic GP4 Sew-ups tires. This is the bike I raced with for over 10 years -Pepsi Team.