Andrew W.
Member N° 000067
From United Kingdom
I first saw a GIOS bike at the 2007 Tour de France when it came to England. A spectator had one and was standing in front of me with it. The finish on the frame was remarkable. I was particularly impressed with the smooth finish of the joints between the tubing. There was no sign of welding at all ! In 50 years of cycling, I am ashamed to say that I had not heard of GIOS. I had to have one after seeing that bike at the 2007 ' Tour.
Within weeks I had bought one. Its an A90 fully equipped with Campagnolo inc. 20 speed Chorus. The bike is a joy to ride and I have ridden it on charity events ( as in my picture) and have taken it to France where I rode 3000 feet (1000 metres) up a mountain to a ski resort in the Rhone Valley. I am looking next to ride the Ventoux in France.

A90 large frame; fitted with Campagnolo Chorus 10 rear mech, Campagnolo Daytona front mech,, Campagnolo Daytona brakes, Campagnolo wheel hubs, Ambrosia wheel rims, stainless steel spokes, Gios saddle, Gios stem , Shimana pedals